Essential nutrients for French bull dogs

If your Frenchie is putting up pounds even eating recommended food, consult your vet as soon as possible as obesity is the most critical medical problem for French bulldogs. Food of French bull dog should contain whole grain instead of bulk fillers. Nutritious food helps in weight control and digestive health of your pet. Essential nutrients for French bull dogs are:

Essential nutrients for French bull dogs

Water Give your pet clean water to drink several times a day. Your French bull dog can manage his own intake, if you find any changes in drinking habits of your dog; consult your vet as this could lead to heath problems.

Fish You can give your dog fish in place of meat if he is allergic to meat; fish is good source of omega 3. You can also use canned cooked fish for your Frenchie

Grains: grains like wheat can be allergic to French bulldogs, it can cause itchy skin. In that case you can use oats and barley in place of wheat.

Pumpkin: is good for French bulldog health especially in case of constipation and diarrhea as it is loaded with fiber, but don’t give large amount of pumpkin to your French bull dog, maintain a right balance. Couple of teaspoons in a day can keep them fit.

Apples; can make them energetic as it contains vitamin A. Apple work as antioxidant for French bull dogs. Try to make them eat apples, as it can do wonders for French bulldogs.

Treats: treat your French bulldog pup every time while on training. Treats can give much joy to your pet. But be careful even a healthy snack contain calories, just be sure of calorie count when you giving them a snack in a treat. While choosing on snack, just keep in mind your Frenchie’s nutritional needs and dietary plans. You can give them healthy homemade meals as treats.…

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