How to feed your French bulldog pup?

How to feed your French bulldog pup

The French bull dog puppy is small breed, playful in nature and loves to be around human contact and his interactions. French bull dogs are also known as Frenchie. These dogs not have specific dietary needs being low activity pets. Because of some physical features they are sensitive to certain medical conditions. Proper diet and nutrition can make your French bulldog happy and healthy like any other dog. A shallow dish will be perfect for serving food to french bull dog as they have short and broad muzzles. It is very difficult for them to eat or drink from a regular bowl.

Feeding Frenchies

There are no particular guidelines for feeding them as such. Dogs need meat to stay healthy so you should add meat to their daily diet. If you compare other types of dogs feed with fresh or frozen meat are costlier and inconvenient. You can also feed them with high quality dry food as a alternative to balanced meet based diet. Make sure you feed you Frencies as per his needs and preferences this method is most appropriate.

Options for food

All types of dog food are available in the market with different levels of quality, if you choose high quality food, and your Franchie will need to eat less. High quality food contains less filler material and more proteins and nutrients. There are many other options for feeding your pet like commercial dry food, canned food and homemade meals. Combinations of ingredients are there in dry food like meat, grains, vitamins, mineral and fat. Dry food is preferred by many French bull dog owners as it is less costly and easily digestible.

How to feed your French bulldog pup

Canned food is other option you can give to your pet, but this type of food is more costly. Raw food diet includes beef and chicken. You can also add small portions of vegetables and fruits in raw food diet. Be more cautions before feeding your dog with raw meat make sure to check with your veterinarian.

Important feeding Information

How many calories your French bull dog pup needed o\n daily basis, It depends on his size, age, activity level and metabolism. For giving those calories amount of food has to be decided, again it depends on what type of quality food you are giving to your pet. You can consult your veterinarian about the best food for your dog and to determine how much quantity of particular food should be given to French bulldog, you can read the label on food packet. If you are thinking of raw meat or homemade meals for your French bull dog pup, consult your vet first as these diets are more difficult to balance.

Safety Measures

To some franchise wheat products may cause digestive like flatulence. French bull dog can develop skin irritation and rashes if you feed them with food which contains corn products and fillers with high amount of protein. You should know about your pet food allergies for which you can always consult your vet.